Interior LED Lighting Conversion



This is a description of what I did to add this feature.  I recommend thinking through what you are doing very carefully before actually doing anything.  I never drew anything up, but if I did it again I would.  Take your time, and double check everything you do.  I won't be held responsible for anyone attempting this on their own.  You cut, drill, bend, or break pieces of your car at your own risk.

I am also assuming some basic knowledge of wiring and automotive modification.  I don't describe every step in minute detail.  If you don't know you have to strip the ends of a wire before soldering it to another wire, stop here and get someone to help you.  If you don't know how to remove interior trim pieces, stop now and get someone to help you.


Ok, I was unhappy with the orange color of my 1998 BMW M3 sedan interior.  Other people like it.  To each his own.  This same procedure can be used to change these same components to just about any color available in 3mm LEDs.  The following are links to procedures describing how I went about changing the colors. 

Sunroof/Window switches
Central Door Lock
Mood Lighting

In some cases, my switches will be different than other's switches.  This is due to any of a number of factors out of my control.  Take any of this as a description of how I performed the conversion, not as instructions on how to do it yourself.